Gesture Controlled Synthesizer

OK/ONE is a proposed synthesizer that uses the powerful Leap Motion device which allows users to create sounds and build musical compositions without touching anything – through the use of gesture.

The OK/ONE allows users to use a variety of gestures to navigate, create, manipulate, effect and record, on multiple instruments across multiple sequence/playing modes. These unique modes really capture the expressive nature of gesture to create real time expressions in sound and music.

The OK/ONE identity is based on the use of a variable font I designed – the variable font can also be controlled by gesture. The chiselled edges on the font is carried throughout the identity, being used to create icons for the hand gestures – creating a strong visual language. This proposed collaboration between Leap Motion and OK/ONE lead to full branded packaging design and instruction booklet to accompany the Leap Motion device.

Using Processing and the Minim Processing Sound Library, I was able to create a working prototype of a couple playing modes using the Leap Motion as a controller. I will continue to experiment to try and build more functions.